KSKB FM - 99.1
Keep Smiling Keep Believing
Serving East Central Iowa since 1988

Feature talk/teaching programs:
5:15-6:30; Today in the Word (Moody); Joyce Meyer; David Jeremiah
7:34-8:30; RC Sproul; Nancy Le De Moss
10:00-1:00pm: Focus on the Family; Family Life Today; James McDonald; noon: Joyce Meyer; Moody's Midday Connection
Afternoon: 3:30-6:00; Odyessy for Kids; In the Market-Janet Parshall (from Moody)
9:00-9:30 (pm) RC Sproul-Renewing Your Mind 10:00-10:30 Focus on the Family
Live Worship Service for Travelers and Shut-ins: 10:10-11:20 A.M. Sunday [Hagerman Baptist, Waterloo]


KSKB is nonprofit - noncommercial. All gifts tax deductible. Donate safely and securely online, or by mail.
KSKB, P O Box 440, Brooklyn IA 52211 - Make check payable to KSKB. Thank you, generous listener !!

KSKB retired it's 1992 Tube powered transmitter. JD Warling and Jim Olivero installed the new NV10
Power tube makers have moved off shore and the quality has gone down. The new solid state design
is quite reliable, keeping KSKB on the air with less down time.
Cost: $43,000 after discount and shipping.
Please consider donating toward this new great piece of equipment that we will put to use for many years for God's glory.


Also serving Waterloo/Cedar Falls on 99.7 FM (translator)

KSKB schedule (pdf)

    SPECIAL SALUTE to these KSKB Business Underwriters:

    Norton's Greenhouse - Toledo
    Dwight's Carpentry - Kalona
    Kilduff Transport - Sully

    Signature Programs:
  • Thee Morning Drive, Hosts: Larry Linkous, 6:30 - 7:30 AM Monday...Friday
  • Southern Gospel - Thursday evening
  • Love Songs for Christian Couples, (jukebox), 6:30 PM - midnight Friday
  • NIGHTSOUNDS with Bill Pearce is aired 'elevenish' except for Friday nights.
  • Gospel Jazz, Host: Rich Germaine (gospel jazz); Ernie Lansford (java jazz & praise), 6:00 - 10:00 PM Saturday
  • Polka & German, Hosts: Frank & Ruth Mlodzianowski, 3:30 - 5:00 PM Sunday
  • Bluegrass & Folk - After Church Sunday


To Exalt JESUS - teach, comfort and inspire via radio with music and spoken word


Telephone: (641) 522 7202
Email: kskb@netins.net
Studio: KSKB, 104 E 2nd Ave, Brooklyn, Iowa, 52211
Fax: (641) 522 7239

Officers & Directors:

Florida Public Radio, Inc. an IRS 501(c)(3) exempt educational organization.
Officers and Directors: Randy Henry,P - Archie Shetler,VP - Carol Henry,ST - Dave Talley,Dir - Betty Evans,Dir

Local Volunteer-Advisory Team:
JD Warling, Shirley Bair, Phyllis Van Ess, Clair Kuntz, Ernie and Kathy Tomlinson

Here are the organization's owned and operated stations. All are nonprofit/noncommercial.
WPIO-Oct-1975 Titusville, FL 89.3     7,100 - Watts   "We Pass It On"
WEJF-Sep-1992 Palm Bay, FL 90.3     30,000 - Watts   "We Encourage Jesus Followers"
WEGS-Nov-1985 Pensacola, FL 91.7     20,000 - Watts   "We Encourage God's Servants"
KREJ-Sep-1990 Medicine Lodge, KS 101.7   50,000 - Watts    "Kansas Radio Exhalting Jesus"
KSNS-May-2000 Medicine Lodge, KS 91.5     96,000 - Watts   "Keep Singing New Songs"
KSKB-Mar-1988 Brooklyn, IA 99.1     43,000 - Watts   "Keep Smiling Keep Believing"
KLOX-Aug-2005 Creston, IA 90.9     500 watts - Watts    no slogan, just sounds good
KNJT-Nov-2011 Coldwater, KS 90.9     1000 watts - Watts    no slogan, just sounds good
WKFA-July-2004 Saint Catherine, FL 89.3     3,900 - DA** - Watts    "We Keep Faith Alive"
WKTO-Jan-1998 Edgewater, FL*** 88.9     25,000 - Watts   "We Keep Telling Others"

KSKB reaches Waterloo via 99.7-translator (115 watts)
KREJ reaches Woodward OK, viat ranslator: 97.1

KLOX operates with "main stuio awaiver" meaning that it does not maintain studio facilities in Creston.

You may provide programming suggestions, or request an e-mailed newsletter: KLOX listeners can call toll free to KSKB 866 922 7202

***A sister station serving Volusia & Seminole Counties - Carol Henry, President: Mims Community Radio, Inc.

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